March 31st 2014

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Learn here about simple, effective ways to be healthier. Find how to easily and effectively treat some simple problems like

  • colds
  • herpes
  • pain
  • flu

This is done by our powerful new

  • targeted immune boosting technology
  • based upon personalised resonances

Personalised resonances are embedded

  • into wind chime sounds
  • we call downloads
  • this is not music therapy

Practically what we send you is a

  • personalised MP3 download
  • about 3Mb in size
  • which we e-mailed to you
  • that you listen to daily for two minute or repeatedly if urgent

You can put them on your mobile/cell phone or CD or MP3/4, iPod etc.

It's that simple

  • no effort
  • nothing to learn
  • no trainings
  • delivered in minutes
  • easily affordable
  • just listen for 2 minutes

And it works!

You need to register

  • give us some information about you personally
  • select your specific condition to be helped
  • pay a fee (€10 max, discount if you buy more)
  • then a personalised healing download will be made for you and sent immediately
  • you can make them for family and friends

This new technology is based on

  • cutting edge brain research
  • combined with tried and tested ancient resonance principles and practices

Modern research shows that it is your chronic fears and phobias which primarily stops your healing naturally. They stop the immune system working. It's that simple.